Employee retires after 34 years

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One of our longest serving employees John Riley joined EMS in 1985 and was a valued member of the workforce for nearly 34 years. During his time at the company, first established by Derek in 1979, John was the Quality Inspector who was responsible for the company’s Quality Control system, originally BS5750 and the latest […]

New Product Range from EMS

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In addition to serving our customers with bespoke subcontract metal work services, Electronic Metalwork Services supply a variety of products designed and manufactured in house to the same high standard. First of which is the Handi San. This a unique small station manufactured for retail businesses to provide their customers with hand & surface cleaning […]

EMS roof fitted with Solar Panels

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During¬†January to February 2017, Electronic Metalwork Services employed Richmond Green Energy Ltd to fit the factory roof with solar panels, which will generate over 120,000 kWh per annum. Therefore alone our roof has the ability to generate enough power for 26 homes a year using the power of the sun! Furthermore, over a 30 year […]