Laser Cutting

Our Fiber laser offers high speeds for thin sheet cutting with a superior edge finish. We offer a fast turnaround facility, ideal for rapid prototyping and production needs alike.

Laser Cutting

The TRUMPF 1030 Fiber & CO2 lasers offer the latest technology in high speed cutting.

Laser cutting provides a very high level of accuracy and a superb edge finish.

Using the latest fiber optic technology we can produce high quality components in steel (including Galvanised and Zintec), stainless steel, aluminium Brass and Copper.

C02 cutting gives excellent edge quality on Aluminium and Stainless Steel, comparable with a machined edge.

Laser cutting with Fiber has a number of advantages:

• Faster for thin sheet cutting

• The ability to cut reflective materials such as Copper and Brass which was not previously possible with CO2 Lasers

• Better power efficiency and running cost

Automated pallet changing further increases productivity savings and turn-around times.

Our maximum cutting thicknesses:

Laser Cut Mild Steel 12.0mm
Laser Cut Stainless Steel 8.0mm
Laser Cut Aluminium 6.0mm
Laser Cut Brass 3.0mm
Laser Cut Copper 3.0mm