Services We Provide

CNC Punch Laser

Brand new for Summer 2018 our Trumpf TruMatic 1000 Fiber Laser Punch Combination offers the latest in high speed punching with added laser cutting capability.

Laser Cutting

Our two TRUMPF 1030 Laser cutting machines in both Fibre and CO2 have the ability to cut complex shapes at high speed.

Sheet Metal Folding

3 CNC Press Brakes offer a solution to all bending applications from simple brackets to complex chassis.

Welding & Fabrication

Our large array of TIG & MIG welding services can provide for both small and large production volumes.

Powder & Wet Painting

On-site pre-treatment, powder coating and wet painting facilities allow for short lead times.

Silk Screening

Our modern 2 pack inks to achieve maximum adhesion and durability to both coated and plated surfaces.